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Heya, and welcome to Aalixir!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Alix and I decided to start this blog to share my personal ‘elixir’ of life on my eighteenth birthday. My friends call me both a food activist and a health enthusiast. They blame it on my French roots but I grew up successively in California, England, France and Belgium so my cultural roots feel very spread out. But my health and food philosophy definitely comes from my amazing French Mom who insisted on gathering my entire family around daily delicious, well-balanced meals whenever possible. “Tout est bon en moderation” – “everything is good in moderation” is her favorite sentence. And she passed to me her skills and determination to cook from fresh ingredients as local and seasonal as could be.

My generation is one of the first to have grown up from day one with industrialized food as the norm and the only alternative for most students and young adults in the Western World. While attending boarding schools on both side of the Atlantic, I realized how we have become conditioned to very low food standards throughout our teens and tend to reproduce those habits when we first get to cook for ourselves or for social events. After surprising my friends with what I thought were very simple recipes and the associated stories about their ingredients’ provenance and quality, I was encouraged to share my ideas and creations with more people. That’s when I started liking being called a “food activist”- I want to make a change. I am aware this sole blog will not change the world overnight, but every single plate toward a better food systems counts.

On a separate note, I also became passionate about the health benefits and healing power of food, not just dieting to lose weight, by personal experience. In early 2017, I manage to recover from a serious virus infection by using a focused diet. By rebuilding my biome, I re-constructed my health. The power of food has just started to be rediscovered; the future of food is likely to be incredibly positive if we can make people realize its impact on us.

So, I decided to use my passion for cooking, to produce health focused, yet delicious, recipes – and I will over time share my Aalixir of life with you.

On a final note: I have two older brothers who must approve my recipes before I release them – so even if you might think my definition of delicious might be somewhat off road, I think the two of them combined do represent very well a large section of the young adults taste and impatience, especially when cooking.

To your pots and pans!